Friday, 30 December 2011

How To Tie a Headscarf 1940's Style

How To Tie a Headscarf 1940's Style

1940 headscarf
beautiful ladies wear 1940's headscarf
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I think there are enough people who want to know how to tie a headscarf 1940's style. Therefore, I am trying to figure out how, and I found a video that talks about how to wear scarves in the 1940s style.

I hope you enjoy it. ^_^


  1. Valuable information and excellent design you got here! I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and time into the stuff you post!! Thumbs up

  2. Ive just watched this entire video of a lovely young lady, apparent age just 14, who has very expertly proved the "bleedin' obvious" of tying a headscarf. I only watched it because I'd hoped there might be something a little more technical to it! My dear mum would be turning in her grave to think there was now a "how to" video available!


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