Tuesday, 3 January 2012

African Head Scarves

african headscarves styles
I was browsing around the internet looking for something completely different when I stumbled on the website The Perfect Touch and got so inspired by their post about scarves. From east to west, north to south, women throughout Africa wear head scarves for religious reasons, fashion, or just as a perfect-way-to-hide-a-bad-hair-day accessory.

african head wrap styles

Head wraps have transitioned from a traditional head-dress for African women to the catwalks of Milan and the sidewalks of all the ghettos in the US. No matter where you go, you will meet both women and men who adorn their heads with fabric.

Some cover their heads after a losing battle with their hair, others cover their heads to show their pride for their homeland, and there are those who for fashion sake, build their days wardrobe after their head wrap, as they want the wrap to be the center of attention.

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