Tuesday, 5 February 2013

How To Wear Vintage Hermes Head Scarves

Hermes headscarves - how to wear it. We know what you are thinking. Hermes scarves are so beautifully made. The designs and colors are so timeless and classic. They transform every outfit they adorn. My friends often ask me to help them with scarves. And, after investing in a few scarves at Hermes, I acquired tips from my fashion guru.

The following illustrations are step by step instruction on how to use a Hermes scarf for the head:

Headscarf wrap
This look is really easy to do and can be achieved with a 36 inch scarf. However, anything larger than 24 inch will suffice.

This headband using a Hermes Twilly silk ribbon has an interesting twist at the top. I have used a small ring or a small rubber band is okay as well. If using a 24 inch square scarf, then a thinner material such as chiffon is easier to use than silk which can be a little bulky.

This particular Hermes scarf has ruche detail and is not a perfect square. However, a square 24 inch will be a good replacement.

Hermes scarf tying, Click images to enlarge.

This hermes headscarf tying reminds me of the classic Jackie O look. This is great whenever we have the top down cruising around in the summer. My hair will stay in place and I arrive at the venue looking normal instead of crazy fly-about hair. This look is achieve with a 36 inch square scarf.

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