Tuesday, 21 February 2012

How ToTie a Head Scarf

In the world of fashion, there is one accessory which is usually overlooked but it can offer endless possibilities to have you looking great! This accessory is the head scarf. These fantastic womens accessory have been around for centuries.

Head scarves have gained a lot of popularity in the last 50 years because many of Hollywood's actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly wore them. The head scarf never took away attention from these screen divas' beauty, rather they worked towards enhancing their already beautiful looks. These beauties looked stunning and glamorous with their heads scarves tied every time in different ways.

There are many different ways to tie head scarves and each style depends on type of fabric the scarves are made from. You can get head scarves in wool, silk, polyester or rayon besides many other fabrics. Each of these elegant beauties also come in many different shapes and sizes; some of which are designed for specific use. For instances, scarfs used as bandanas are smaller in size compared to larger shawl-like scarves. The different ways to tie head scarves also depends on the shape of the scarf. Scarves can be rectangular, triangular or square; they can have hemmed or fringed edges... basically the possibilities for tying scarves are immense and you could probably use your entire lifetime to explore them!

Different Ways to Tie Head Scarves:

  • A head scarf, with its bold and beautiful colors, can add color to an ordinary or sever-looking outfit. It can add a touch of femininity and that is what makes this piece of cloth so versatile. You can achieve a number of looks just by tying it in different ways. There are many head scarf tying techniques. You can even search the Internet to get free scarf tying techniques.
  • If you are using your head scarf to protect your head or hairstyle, then you can tie it in the Grace Kelly style. This method to tie head scarves has gained a lot of popularity among women who are suffering from cancer and are experiencing hair loss because of the related cancer treatment. This is one of the easiest ways to tie head scarves where it covers the head and neck completely.
  • Another one of the easy ways to tie your head scarf is to pull your hair into a pony tail and then tie the scarf around it. Let the ends hang or you can tie them into a neat looking bow. You can also fold the head scarf along the bias into a rectangle and then keep folding it until it resembles a band. Now tie the band just above the forehead, covering your hairline. The ends should be tied at the nape or you can bring the ends and tie just behind your ear so that the lose ends fall over one of your shoulders.
  • You can even use the head scarf to tie it in a bun style. All you need to do it fold the scarf into half forming a triangle. Then twist the triangle to form a rope. Now take one end and keep wrapping it around the bun until you come to the very end of the scarf. The lose end of the scarf can be secured with the help of a bobby pin.
Hopefully this has given you some pointers to look even more fantastic than you already are (doubtful).

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